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In 2012, in South East Asia an idea was born- an idea for a new kind of publishing company, one that transcends the globe and pushes new authors into an international spotlight.

We began doing our research. We discussed the pros and cons. We went through the various uphill battles we would face. We knew it wouldn’t be easy or quick and it wouldn’t come cheap. But when it was said and done…BH Publications was born.

Gordon RossGordon Ross

Gordon Ross is an international businessman and entrepreneur.  He is a proud Scotsman, born and raised on the outskirts of Edinburgh, who has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and corporate operations, management and restructuring.   He holds several Senior executive positions for international companies in Singapore, Thailand and Korea.  He is a leading international expert in clad and pipe technology.

Throughout his life, Gordon has looked for challenges that would test his mettle as an entrepreneur and enrich and enlarge his world.  He came to understand from Cali Dawson, an author and literary editor, about the struggles of so many gifted writers to get published and has decided to do something about it.  He and Cali have created Bleeding Heart Publications – a traditional "old school" publishing house that values personal relationships with individual writers while still taking advantage of 21st Century technologies and marketing.  Gordon has created a team of dedicated professionals to find, support and publish important “new voices” in the literary world.  He currently lives in Thailand, owns and operates several companies and travels the world constantly.  He also spends a lot of time thinking about his two favorite pastimes - playing golf and flying helicopters.

Cali DawsonCali Dawson

Cali is managing director and one of the founders of Bleeding Heart Publications. She was born and raised in the Midwest and although she lives abroad, she travels back to the US often. She has been an active writer for almost 30 years. She studied at Indiana University for Clinical Psychology specializing in Attachment and Reactive Attachment Disorders. Cali has written several books, short stories and poems under pseudonyms. She was the sole contributor of three different blogs that attracted many subscribers and followers. She continues to write and reads her poetry at various venues in Asia and the United States. Her passion for literature has led her to forming a publishing house with her partner, Gordon Ross. Cali has been living in Asia since 2011 and began Bleeding Heart Publications in 2013. She is often seen wandering through the streets of third world countries making friends with the local stray animals.

Kyle OrtenKyle Orten

Kyle has been with Bleeding Heart Publications since its inception. He holds a B.A. in Theater Arts and a Master's of Liberal Arts. Kyle grew up in North Carolina and has held several literary positions from English Professor to Senior Editor. Kyle has published books of his own in the past and understands the importance of giving new voices the opportunity to be heard. His greatest joy is finding an author that has true talent but has somehow slipped through the cracks of the bigger publishing companies. Having lived on three continents, he recently expatriated to Asia in 2012.

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Gordon Ross
Cali Dawson

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Cali Dawson

Gordon Ross

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