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Birth of A Blazer Man

Brandon Christopher

Spring 2017

Brandon Christopher, artist, writer, humorist, middle child and author of The Job Pirate, the book that chronicled how he finessed his way into 82 jobs, has penned a new book about his early pre-teen to teen life, focused on the transitional years when a boy becomes a man—or at least thinks he does. In The Birth of a Blazer Man, Christopher offers 17 stories that will charm and entertain anyone who was ever an awkward teenager or knew one. 


Matthew Crofton

Spring 2017

Matt Crofton spent 16 days in a coma; doctors told his parents he had only 48 hours to live. With multi-organ failure and bleeding from every hole in his head, he was fighting for his life, fighting two diseases that merged in his body … progressive histoplasmosis, an infection from breathing in bat guano in a cave and sarcoidosis, an auto-immune inflamatory disease.

Crofton miraculously survived—and just one year later he chose to reclaim his life by riding a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) from the source of the Mississippi River in Minnesota down to its final outlet in the Gulf of Mexico, a journey of over 2500 miles that would take him four months to complete. 

Crofton chronicles his extraordinary and painful journey of endurance, courage, and personal growth in his new, inspiring book, Mighty.

How I Accidentally Started The 60's (working title) 

Howard Bloom

Summer 2017

*More details coming soon. 

Lenin's Asylum

A. A. Weiss

Fall 2017

Aaron Weiss worked for the Peace Corps around the time the Soviet Union fell. He was sent to Moldova as a teacher. His job? Teaching English to Russian speaking students between the ages of 12-18. In his two years there, Aaron learned more than he taught. His astute, witty and sometimes very moving adventure left us wishing he had stayed on for another two years. This book is one of Bleeding Heart's favorites and we are sure it will be yours too. Stay tuned for updates. 

Noble Women 

Marlene Wagman-Geller

Winter 2017

Noble Women is a departure from Bleeding Heart's normal books. This story is the stunning real life accout of Selma Lagerlof and Nelly Sachs, the two first women receipients of the literary Noble Prize. Not only are these authors pioneers of their time but their lives were connected in a way most of us could never imagine.